Solo Nations Cup - Not giving an inch

The leaders are a stubborn bunch, not giving an inch as the final day approaches

Non more stubborn than Charles Cumbley who added a 1, 2, 1 to his scoreline Monday and now leads by nine points.

But not giving up is Oliver Davenport who had his best day so far, with a 3, 1, 3 to move into second place, but tied on 17 points with Tim Law (2,3,2).

The podium group have now doubled their lead, opening a 20 point gap to fourth placed Andy Tunnicliffe (8,4,5).

In fifth place is Dutchman Peerke Kortekaas (4,12,4), and sixth Vince Horey (5,7,8).

Solo Nation's Cup Leaders after 8 races (48 entries)

1st GBR Charles Cumbley 8 pts
2nd GBR Oliver Davenport 17 pts
3rd GBR Tim Law 17 pts
4th GBR Andy Tunnicliffe 37 pts
5th NED Peerke Kortekaas 40 pts
6th GBR Vince Horey 51 pts
7th GBR Michael Hicks 52 pts
8th GBR Gareth Henshall 57 pts
9th NED Gilles De Coombe 58 pts
10th Ian Hopwood 76 pts

Full results here

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