OK Dinghy Europeans in Bandol

2009 world champion Thomas Hansson-Mild, from Sweden, is the early leader from Sönke Behrens of Germany and Fredrik Lööf, of Sweden

Britain's Charlie Cumbley finished the opening day in fifth place after 2nd and 10th place finishes, and eight points off the leader. Chris Turner is in sixth place and Will Heritage in 15th place.

The opening day was a challenge for all 57 boats that ventured out onto the water with very tight racing, packed mark roundings and tactical sailing right through the fleet. But they were all glad to get two races on the board.

After the practice race was abandoned on Tuesday during a day of 25-30 knots, Wednesday predicted much of the same with the morning spent doing final checks before the scheduled afternoon races were postponed as the wind increased again and kept the fleet onshore.

Eventually the decision was taken to release the fleet to sail a shorter course in the more sheltered waters of the Bay of Bandol.

50 years after he competed in the world championship on these same waters, Jørgen Lindhardtsen, from Denmark, delighted everyone by leading around the top mark in Race 1.

However, unfortunately, Lindhardtsen was OCS and Lööf, who wasn’t far behind, took the lead on the second upwind to lead round to the finish, though he was pushed hard by Charlie Cumbley from Britain, and Hansson-Mild in the closing stages for a tight finish.

Newcomer to the fleet, Valerian Lebrun, from France, was fastest to the top mark in Race 2, but couldn’t hold onto the lead.

The lead changed several times, with Greg Wilcox, from New Zealand, leading round the second lap, before eventually Hansson-Mild took the lead on the downwind to lead the fleet up the final beat for another close finish.

Wilcox lost out on the line to Bo Petersen, from Denmark and Behrens.

OK Dinghy Europeans - Leaders after 2 races (76 entries)

1st  SWE  100 HANSSON-MILD Thomas 3 1 4 pts
2nd  GER   77 BEHRENS Sönke 5 3 8 pts
3rd  SWE   69 LÖÖF Fredrik 1 8 9 pts
4th  POL   14 PAWLACZYK Pawel 4 6 10 pts
5th  GBR   6 CUMBLEY Charlie 2 10 12 pts
6th  GBR   44 TURNER CHRIS 7 5 12 pts
7th  POL   1 GAJ Tomasz 6 7 13 pts
8th  NZL  582 WILCOX GREG 10 4 14 pts
9th  DEN  1507 PETERSEN Bo 13 2 15 pts
10th  FRA   11 LEBRUN Valerian 8 9 17 pts
11th  NZL  592 ROD Davis 12 12 24 pts
12th  DEN  1450 ANDERSEN Anders 17 11 28 pts
13th  DEN   6 MYRALF Stefan 15 13 28 pts
14th  GER   5 TIETJE Ralf 16 15 31 pts
15th  GBR   41 HERITAGE William 14 19 33 pts
16th  DEN  1485 BJORLINK JOHAN 9 25 34 pts
17th  DEN  1477 HOLM JORGEN 19 22 41 pts
18th  GBR   4 COX Simon 29 14 43 pts
19th  DEN  1431 SCHUBERT Joe 11 33 44 pts
20th  GER   7 PICH ANDREAS 28 16 44 pts

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