Conditions Rule at WMRT Regata de Portugal Trophy

Nicklas Dackhammar and his all-Swedish Essiq Racing Team became the first name to be etched on to the WMRT Regata de Portugal Trophy

Sunday began with the Semi Final Stage, Ian Williams up against Harry Price and Nicklas Dackhammar looking to take down Yann Guichard.

Britain’s Ian Williams won his semi with a straight 2 - 0 victory, and Dackhammar also bested Yann Guichard of France in two straight matches.

Price then went on to take third after a win in the Petit Final over Guichard.

In what was scheduled as a first-to-three point final, Ian Williams and his GAC Pindar took match one in the forecasted Easterly breeze.

However, as has also been the story of the week, as the tide turned and the afternoon breeze died off, conditions became a lot more difficult to sail in.

In match two Dackhammar had his chance and pounced on the Brit to win the second.

After waiting for conditions to improve PRO Mattias Dahlström eventually called time and with the score at one-a-piece in both the Final and Petit Final matches, the race committee had to turn to the rulebook to dictate a winner.

Dackhammar and Price took their matches respectively because of their win in the last race, leaving Williams and Guichard waiting for China to stake their dominance again.

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