Offshore Race gets the nod for 2024 Olympics

Friday at the World Sailing Annual Conference in Sarasota, USA, the Mixed 2 Person Offshore event was agreed by the WS Council for the 2024 Olympic Games, removing the Finn class.

Other changes were the retention of the RS:X, and acceptence of the Kite-Foiler Mixed Event and a Two-Person-Dinghy Mixed event.

The change to the slate recommended by the Equipment Committee was submitted in an urgent submission from the WS Board - Submission 058-18 - earlier in the week.

The proposel 058-18 makes reference to another "Urgent submission from the Board" - 037-18 - which seeks "To change the Mixed One Person Dinghy Event to Mixed Two Person Keelboat Offshore" in the original submission.

Proposel 2 of Submission 037-18

In order to be able to vote on this "Urgent" submission it first required 75% of the Board to agree to allow it.

This was obtained and the change to include the Mixed 2 Person Offshore event was then voted on and agreed. This removed the Finn class from the 2024 Olympics.

There was comment that the submission did not include any but the barest information regards the boat to be used, or how the event and access to the boat would be arranged.

This was quickly glossed over by reference to this being more a statement of intention to be fleshed out later.

All that is known is that it should be a displacement Non-foiling monohull, between 6-10 metres in hull length, and be a sloop rig with a spinnaker.

Equipment trials will be required for the Mixed Two Person Keelboat Offshore, with the decision on the Equipment to be made at the 2019 Annual Conference.

The RS:X is retained for the Men’s and Women’s Windsurfer but there will be an equipment re-evaluation, so it could end up as some sort of foiler.

The Mixed Two Person Dinghy was agreed, which could mean the 470, but we will not know that until the WS Annual Meeting in 2019.

Same with the Mixed Kiteboarding, which will be a foiling board, but equipment trials are required.

As usual with the World Sailing decision process, this is still not final . . . It is apparently possible for the decisions to be overturned at the AGM on Sunday morning.

The Laser/Radial are also subject to a separate equipment re-evaluation process involving the D-Zero, Melges 14, RS Aero, Laser Standard and Laser Radial.

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