World Cup Japan - GBR hit by Penalties and Injuries

Day 1 in Japan and the opening day of competition saw British competitors lead the men's 49er, the Finn, and the Laser, but not without cost . . .

Ben Saxton and Nicola Boniface had to withdraw from the Nacra event after Boniface was injured in training.

And in the men's 470, Luke Patience and Chris Grube received a DPI (Discretionary penalty imposed) in their two races dumping them down in 20th overall.

The penalty was for using an underweight mast - 520g under - and a 20% penalty was applied. Somebody in the support team did not check properly when new mast was fitted prior to racing ?

Giles Scott (6,1) finished the day at the top of the Finn leaderboard, but only after Nicholas Heiner (1,2) collected DPI for his two races, dropping him to fourth overall.

Heiner was penalised for his hull being 450g under the hull weight limit and received a 20% penalty.

New Zealand's Josh Junior (2,6) is in second and Ed Wright (7,3) third in the Finn event.

In the men's 49er, Dylan Fletcher-Scott and Stuart Bithell (1,2,4) lead after three races, with second Poland's Lukasz Przybytek and Pawel Kolodzinski (2,8,3), and third James Peters and Fynn Sterritt (4,3,5).

Other 49er race winners were Mathieu Frei and Noe Delpech FRA and Federico and Arturo Alonso ESP.

The Men's Laser was the other bright spot for Britain, with Michael Beckett (8,2) taking a one point lead ahead of Germany's Philipp Buhl (1,10), with Aussie Matt Wearn (3,12) in third place.

Elliot Hanson (11,6) is in sixth and Nick Thompson (10,14) is 11th. Karl-Martin Rammo EST was the other race winner.

Hannah Mills and Eilidh McIntyre started with a win in the women's 470, but a ninth in the second race puts them fourth overall.

Leading are Benedetta Di Salle and Alessandra Dubbini (5,2) of Italy with second Afrodite Zegers and Anneloes van Veen (2,5) and third are Elena Berta and Bianca Caruso.

In the women's 49erFX, Charlotte Dobson and Saskia Tidey (3,6,4) are fourth overall five points off the leaders Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze (1,5,2) of Brazil.

Second in the 49erFX are New Zealand's Alexandra Maloney and Molly Meech (19,3,1) and third Ida Nielsen and Marie Olsen (6,1,3).

In the women's Radial, Hannah Snellgrove (7,12) finished the opening day in fifth, 11 points off the leader Emma Plasschaert (5,3) of Belgium. Second is Sarah Douglas (3,9) and third Josefin Olsson (15,1).

Winner of the first Radial race was Anne-Marie Rindom, but a 33 in the second put her down in 17th overall. Alison Young (4,17) is in seventh place.

John Gimson and Anna Burnet (5,12,7) are now Britain's only team in the Nacra17 event and they are ninth place overall.

Leaders are Italy's Ruggero Tita and Caterina Banti (1,1,1) two points ahead of their countryman, Vittorio Bissaro and Maelle Frascari (11,2,2). In third are the Kiwi pair Gemma Jones and Jason Saunders (2,3,10).

On the RS:X boards, Bryony Shaw (5,4,3) turned in the best overall GBR result, she is in fifth place in the women's event, Emma Wilson (6,15,5) is in seventh.

RS:X women's leader is Holland's Lilian De Geus (21,1,1) with Peina Chen (1,3,10) in second and third is Charline Picon (3,2,7).

In the men's RS:X event, Mattia Camboni (1,2,1) has a two point lead from Kiran Badloe (3,1,8) with Pierre Le Coq (11,3,4) in third. Britain's Tom Squires (6,32,11) is 11th overall.

In the men's 470 Japan dominate with Keiju Okada and Jumpei Hokazono (5,2) leading overall from Naoki Ichino and Takashi Hasegawa (2,8) with third Kevin Peponnet and Jeremie Mion (1,10) of France.

Britain's Martin Wrigley and James Taylor (17,12) finished the day in 12th, and Patience and Grube in 20th following the DPI as explained above.

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