RS Tera Nationals at Cardiff Bay YC

110 young competitors took part in the Rooster RS Tera Nationals 2018 at Cardiff Bay YC.

Albert Gillmore from Paignton SC did not win a race, but he did win the RS Tera Pro Nationals with some very consistant sailing over the three days.

Gillmore finished six points clear of second placed Tom Ahlheid from Frensham Pond SC, with Blake Tudor of Brightlingsea SC in third place.

Jake Thompson of Frensham Pond SC took fourth and in fifth place and first Girl was Becky Caiger of Sevenoaks School, with sixth Fergus Pye of Draycote Water SC.

In the RS Tera Sport championship, Alice Davis from Great Moor SC counted seven race wins in her scoreline to finish 23 points clear of second placed William James of SWYSA.

In third place was Felix Stewart of Windermere School, with fourth Freddie Sunderland from Olton Mere SC. Fifth was Oliver Peters of Hayling Island and sixth Max Steele of Datchet Water SC.

Rooster RS Tera PRO Nationals 2018 - Final Leaderboard

1st 2410 Albert Gillmore Paignton SC 41 pts
2nd 1880 Tom Ahlheid Frensham Pond SC 47 pts
3rd 2897 Blake Tudor Brightlingsea SC 53 pts
4th 2560 Jake Thompson Frensham Pond SC 53 pts
5th 2584 Becky Caiger Sevenoaks School 54 pts
6th 1693 Fergus Pye Draycote Water SC 54 pts
7th 2602 Oliver Rayner Yorkshire Dales SC 55 pts
8th 3442 Jakey Wood Hayling Island SC 55 pts
9th 2359 Ben Tuttle Hayling Island SC 66 pts
10th 2821 Theo Stewart Windermere School 68 pts
11th 2025 Abby Hire Royal Lymington YC 75 pts
12th 3211 Joseph Warwicker Bough Beech SC 81 pts
13th 3257 Esme Barraclough YDSC 86 pts
14th 2612 jack oakley Royal Hospital School 89 pts
15th 2764 Tom Stratton-Brown Frensham Pond SC 94 pts
16th 2111 Beth Miller Yorkshire Dales SC 98 pts
17th 2879 Eilish Graham SSSC 109 pts
18th 2086 James Russell Royal Harwich YC 110 pts
19th 2305 William Sunderland Olton Mere SC 118 pts
20th 3354 Peter Cope Isle of Man YC 120 pts
21st 2950 James Johnson Windermere School 129 pts
22nd 1854 Freddie Fisher Hayling Island SC 149 pts
23rd 2632 Caitlin Morley Burnham SC 153 pts
24th 888 Beth Lewis Frensham Pond SC 170 pts
25th 2171 Carys Attwell Rutland SC 175 pts
26th 2402 Jacob Knock Port Dinorwic SC 184 pts
27th 743 Lizzie Foster Emsworth SC 194 pts
28th 2968 Tom Johnson Windermere School 195 pts
29th 2344 Esther Tuttle Hayling Island SC 204 pts
30th 1316 Ffion Bailey Port Dinorwic SC 228 pts
31st 2936 James Knight Draycote Water SC 236 pts
32nd 984 Sarah Probert BCSC / SWYSA 237 pts
33rd 2323 Imogen Palmer Corinthian otters 237 pts
34th 3229 Henry Collins Queen Mary SC 239 pts
35th 915 Dylan Weir Restronguet SC 250 pts
36th 3251 Callum Fraser Burnham SC 259 pts
37th 309 Madeline Bilbrough Hayling Island SC 262 pts
38th 1452 Leah Murphy Port Dinorwic SC 263 pts
39th 985 Ollie Williams Emsworth SC 266 pts
40th 2638 Albie Cutbill HISC/SWYSA 280 pts
41st 1853 Francis Hartgrove Royal Hospital School 281 pts
42nd 3198 George Ravenhill Hayling Island SC 327 pts
43rd 3422 Lucy Ryan Brightlingsea SC 340 pts

Rooster RS Tera Sport Nationals 2018 - Final Leaderboard

1st 798 Alice Davis Great Moor SC 9 pts
2nd 2671 William James SWYSA 32 pts
3rd 2969 Felix Stewart Windermere School 47 pts
4th 2162 Freddie Sunderland Olton Mere SC 49 pts
5th 228 Oliver Peters Hayling Island SC 54 pts
6th 2505 Max Steele Datchet Water SC 54 pts
7th 1874 Tristan Ahlheid Frensham Pond SC 65 pts
8th 1901 Max Sydenham Dell Quay SC 73 pts
9th 3159 William Bailey Ripon SC /Yorkshire Dales SC 76 pts
10th 2386 Teddy Dunn Isle of Man YC 87 pts
11th 2603 Matthew Rayner Yorkshire Dales SC 90 pts
12th 3496 Adelicia Lavender Felpham SC 93 pts
13th 2156 Jac Bailey Port Dinorwic SC 100 pts
14th 3000 Brett Tudor Brightlingsea SC 108 pts
15th 1484 Felix Powell Alton Water 110 pts
16th 2392 Oliver Stratton-Brown Frensham Pond SC 113 pts
17th 2941 Akira Blackah Welsh Harp SC 116 pts
18th 3140 Gregan Bergmann Smith Hayling Island SC 120 pts
19th 3262 Imogen Wade Northampton SC 128 pts
20th 1906 Toby Hatsell Middle Nene SC 135 pts
21st 2353 John Bridgeman LLSC and CSC 167.5 pts
22nd 2154 Tilda Brayshay Ripon SC 170 pts
23rd 1763 Finlay Lomas-Clarke Frensham Pond SC 172 pts
24th 3091 Toby Smith Rutland SC 179 pts
25th 2365 Max Rawlinson Coniston 186 pts
26th 2597 Oliver Thompson Hayling Island SC 193 pts
27th 822 Olivia Rawlinson Coniston 195 pts
28th 2645 Joseph Henderdson Welsh Harp Sailing Club 204 pts
29th 2739 Nathan Russell Royal Harwich YC 216 pts
30th 2611 Freddie MacLaverty Llandudno 221 pts
31st 3250 Kai Blackah Welsh Harp SC 221 pts
32nd 625 Ben Stokes Hayling Island SC 230 pts
33rd 1690 Maya Bergmann Smith Hayling Island SC 238.5 pts
34th 2157 Sophie Blaydes Hayling Island SC 240 pts
35th 1948 Jessica Peeters Ripon SC 243 pts
36th 88 Ben Stokes Hayling Island SC 254 pts
37th 1922 Fflur Pierce PDSC 256 pts
38th 3029 Holly Fisher Hayling Island SC 267 pts
39th 8 Joshua Stokes Hayling Island SC 269 pts
40th 2872 Holly Mitchell Hayling Island SC 273 pts
41st 2090 Toby Thompson Frensham Pond SC 277 pts
42nd 1591 Harry McTiernan Brightlingsea 289 pts
43rd 3506 Troy Tsang Welsh Harp SC 291 pts
44th 2397 Max Shiel Royal Hospital School 304 pts
45th 2456 Attwell Lauren Rutland SC 308 pts
46th 2993 Henry Ravenhill Hayling Island SC 309 pts
47th 1761 Toby Field Emsworth SC 316 pts
48th 3253 Toby Pearson Brightlingsea SC 317 pts
49th 2822 Amy Bowers Hayling Island SC 343 pts
50th 945 Megan Rhodes SWYSA 344 pts
51st 2852 Katy Fisher Hayling Island SC 346 pts
52nd 1856 Ben Woodcock Royal Hospital School 361 pts
53rd 2125 Rebecca Knock Port Dinorwic SC 374 pts
54th 3422 Lucy Ryan Brightlingsea SC 377 pts
55th 415 Sophie Pearson Brightlingsea SC 390 pts
56th 2670 Alex Baker Hayling Island SC 399 pts

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