Salcombe Merlin Week - Breeze Ahoy on Day 3

Competitors awoke on Tuesday morning to a new sound, the rustle of wind in trees

The morning race for Blue v Green flights.

For the first time, the fleet was clean away with Andy Davis and Alex Warren pulling off the perfect start between Tim Fells and Frances Gifford to windward who was left stuck in irons and Christian Birrell and Sam Brearey to leeward who he was able to role.

With a clean line up the harbour Davis and Warren were away to do the proverbial horizon job.

At the finish Chris Jennings and Oli Wells second and Jason Andrews and Zeb Elliott third with Steve Crook and Sally Townend fourth.

For the afternoon it was the Red v Black flights.

Finding the pressure, lifts and lanes through the many moored boats was tricky and it was Roger and Jane Gilbert who navigated best to round first with Olly Turner and Holly Scott and Caroline Croft / Matt Lulham in close attention.

Off Ditch end the leaders parked up and the chasers came in on the old breeze. At the finish it was too close to call and PRO Scud Stewart rang one continuous bell for the first three.

It was only when the results were published that the positions were clear.

Simon Blake and Phil Dalby took the win, second were Mike Calvert and Jane Calvert with Stephen and Gillian Lenney a wafer-thin margin behind in third.

Sharps Doom Bar Salcombe Merlin Week - Day 3, Races 5 & 6 (120 entries)

1st Blue Andy Davis and Alex Warren Blithfield SC 1 (DNC) 8 pts
2nd Black Simon Blake and Phil Dalby Cookham Reach (DNC) 1 10 pts
3rd Green Chris Gould and Chris Kilsby Bartley SC 9 (DNC) 11 pts
4th Red Mike Calvert and Jane Calvert Axe YC (DNC) 2 13 pts
5th Green Chris Jennings and Oli Wells Burghfield 2 (DNC) 16 pts
6th Red Roger Gilbert and Jane Gilbert Frensham Pond SC (DNC) 4 16 pts
7th Black Simon Potts and Ally Potts Burghfield SC (DNC) 6 17 pts
8th Red Stephen Leney and Gillian Lenney Blithfield SC (DNC) 3 19 pts
9th Blue Dave Wade and Roz McGrane Northampton SC 6 (DNC) 19 pts
10th Green Tim Fells and Frances Gifford SYC/Police Sailing UK 7 (DNC) 19 pts
11th Blue Christian Birrell and Sam Brearey Weymouth & Portland SA 5 (DNC) 20 pts
12th Red Caroline Croft and Matt Lulham-Robinson Bartley SC (DNC) 8 22 pts
13th Red Alan Roberts and Rob Henderson Hayling Island SC (DNC) 10 25 pts
14th Black Nick Heginbototham and Zoe Parry Hollingworth Lake SC (DNC) 11 25 pts
15th Black Will Henderson and Mary Henderson Salcombe YC (DNC) 16 27 pts
16th Red William Warren and Maddy Anderson Shoreham SC (DNC) 5 27 pts
17th Red Olly Turner and Miss Holly Scott Starcross YC (DNC) 9 28 pts
18th Green Jason Andrews and Zeb Elliott Eastbourne 3 (DNC) 30 pts
19th Green Paul Rayson and Christian Hill Salcombe YC 8 (DNC) 31 pts
20th Blue Tim Saxton and Jodie Green Itchenor SC 17 (DNC) 39 pts
21st Black Sophie Mackley and Tom Ballantine Shoreham SC (DNC) 15 40 pts
22nd Blue Antony Gifford and Jo Gifford Royal Tay YC 21 (DNC) 42 pts
23rd Green Alan Warren and Will Carroll Shoreham SC 14 (DNC) 43 pts
24th Black Jon Ibbotson and Nick Copsey Burghfield SC (DNC) 2 2 49 pts
25th Red Julian Parry and Evan Parry Hollingworth Lake SC (DNC) 24 55 pts
26th Green Paul Hollis and Paula Mason Blithfield SC 11 (DNC) 55 pts
27th Black Alex Jones and Jack Deung Cookham Reach SC (DNC) 27 55 pts
28th Red Peter Ballantine and Rob Allen Salcombe SC (DNC) 23 56 pts
29th Green Colin Anderson and John Hackett Blithfield SC 20 (DNC) 56 pts
30th Blue James Wells and Anna Aylward Startcross YC 18 (DNC) 57 pts

Full results available here

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