OK Dinghy Worlds - Day 1

Four races and four winners on opening day in Warnemunde

Germany's Jan Kurfeld is the early leader tied on points with André Budzien, while Lars Johan Brodtkorb is tied on points with Fredrik Loof for third place.

Each won a race in their groups.

Of course all this means the points at the top are very close with just two points separating the top six boats.

For Tuesday the groups were assigned based on world ranking position. For Wednesday’s races the groups will be reassigned based on positions today, so this should mix up the groups some more.

The 2018 OK Dinghy World Championship in Warnemünde, Germany got underway Tuesday with two races in a solid 12-18 knots.

The Yellow fleet contained two of the main favourites, Loof and Kurfeld. Loof dominated the first race with a win over a fast approaching Kurfeld.

In the second, Kurfeld built a nice lead on the first beat and was never really threatened. Loof was second for a while but ended up third after being passed by Thomas Hansson-Mild.

The Blue group was arguably the toughest with Budzien, Brodtkorb, Charlie Cumbley, Jim Hunt and Bo Petersen fighting it out at the front.

Budzien took first blood with a confident win from Petersen and Brodtkorb, while in the second race Brodtkorb threw down the gauntlet with a win from Budzien and Petersen.

Britain's Charlie Cumbley (5,4) finished the day in seventh place and Jim Hunt (6,5) in ninth place.

OK Dinghy World Championship - after 2 races (140 entries)

1st GER 18 Jan KURFELD 2 1 3 pts
2nd GER 71 Andrè BUDZIEN 1 2 3 pts
3rd NOR 428 Lars Johan BRODTKORB 3 1 4 pts
4th SWE 69 Fredrik LOOF 1 3 4 pts
5th SWE 100 Thomas HANSSON-MILD 3 2 5 pts
6th DEN 1507 Bo PETERSEN 2 3 5 pts
7th GBR 6 Charlie CUMBLEY 5 4 9 pts
8th GER 77 Sönke BEHRENS 4 7 11 pts
9th GBR 11 Jim HUNT 6 5 11 pts
10th AUS 768 Mark JACKSON 6 6 12 pts
11th NZL 582 Greg WILCOX 8 5 13 pts
12th POL 1 Tomasz GAJ 5 9 14 pts
13th SWE 797 Mats CAAP 7 7 14 pts
14th GER 792 Lars HAVERLAND 11 4 15 pts
15th GBR 2183 Richard BURTON 9 6 15 pts
16th GER 803 Martin V ZIMMERMANN 8 8 16 pts
17th GER 2 Gunter ARNDT 9 10 19 pts
18th NZL 573 Luke GOWER 4 17 21 pts
19th GBR 69 Terry CURTIS 13 8 21 pts
20th POL 14 Pawel PAWLACZYK 10 13 23 pts

Full results available here

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