Lendy Cowes Week - Day 2 Results

White Group dayboats Jump the Gun

Only three of the dayboat classes got away cleanly and J/70s had a general recall.

There was much shouting at the inshore end of the line for the Etchells start, with one boat pinned outside the line.

The building east-going stream meant there were individual recalls for every subsequent start until the Redwing class at 1135.

In the Dragon class Simon Barter's Bertie accelerated too early and had to return after the gun.

Oliver Morgan's Christianna went on to win Sunday's race, ahead of Eric Williams' Ecstatic and Owen Pay's Furious.

The RS Elite class was one of those subject to an individual recall and one boat returned - James Yearsley's Urafiki.

However, a further seven boats were identified as premature starters on the video replay and the first three boats to cross the finish therefore didn't receive the gun they were expecting.

Robert Holbrook's Centurion was the first correct finisher, followed by Adrian Ward's Lite Bloo and Peter Copsey's The Doctor, the latter finishing just one second ahead of Urafiki.

Gayle Palmer's Solent Sunbeam Little Lady approached the line ahead of the fleet, reaching offshore to burn time, but was carried over by the tide just before the gun.

This left Stewart Reed's Firefly and Nick Leach's Polly looking best placed. With Firefly having retired, Polly remained among the leaders and took second place, behind Julian Money and Richard Pearson's Penny.

The Mermaid fleet got away cleanly, with the front runners hitting the line at speed.

Sunday's tight race was won by John Sandiford-Haigh's Miranda, which finished 35 seconds ahead of Sheen.

The next three boats crossed the line in only eight seconds. They were led by Hugo Mills' Halluf, with Rosemary finishing two seconds later, followed by Elizabeth Windridge's Serena.

Full results available here. See below for Day 2 dayboat leaders

1, Dauntless (Giles Peckham)
2, Defender (Jeremy Preston and Robert Laird)
3, Darling (Carron Snagge, John Sichel, Bob Gatehouse, Charlie Sichel)

1, Christianna (Oliver Morgan)
2, Ecstatic (Eric Williams)
3, Furious (Owen Pay)

1, Desperate (Rob Tyrwhitt-Drake)
2, Stampede (Rob Goddard)
3, Exabyte (Shaun and Emily Frohlich)

Flying 15
1, Fourwinds (Charles and Timothy Apthorp)
2, Men Behaving Badly (Rupert Mander)
3, Fflashback (Mike Dixon)

J/70 (Race 4)
1, Eat, Sleep, J, Repeat (Paul Ward)
2, Yeti (Jack Davies)
3, Sceptre (Ali Hall)

J/70 (Race 5)
1, Darcey (Clive Bush)
2, Sceptre (Ali Hall)
3, Elizabeth (Fiona Hampshire)

J/70 (Race 6)
1, Jdog (John Greenland)
2, Rtyc Academy (Tarra Gill-Taylor)
3, Darcey (Clive Bush)

1, Betty (Jon Powell)
2, Mockingjay (Chris Body)
3, Checkmate (Ray Mitchell)

1, Jack Rabbit (Caroline van Beelen ad Rutger Krijger)
2, Diamond Jem (Robert Stiles)
3, Brown Teal (Clementi, Sheldon, Stanley, Walker)

1, Miranda (John Sandiford-Haigh)
2, Sheen (Ben Few-Brown)
3, Halluf (Hugo Mills)

1, Harlequin (John Raymond & Matt Alexander)
2, Quail (James Wilson)
3, Goose (Lieutenant Colonel Nick Woolgar and Olav Cole)

RS Elite
1, Centurion (Robert Holbrook and Jamie Berry)
2, Lite Bloo (Adrian Ward)
3, The Doctor (Peter Copsey)

SB20 (Race 4)
1, Xcellent (John Pollard)
2, Breaking Bod (Charles Whelan)
3, Rib Express (Erik Verboom)

SB20 (Race 5)
1, Xcellent (John Pollard)
2, Breaking Bod (Charles Whelan)
3, Sharc (Charles Sheppard)

SB20 (Race 6)
1, Xcellent (John Pollard)
2, Breaking Bod (Charles Whelan)
3, Spongbob (Waha Waite McLean Youth Team)

1, Bertie (Alistair Barter)
2, Discovery (Georgina hill)
3, Biscuit (James Holman)

1, J-Dream (David and Kirsty Apthorp)
2, Spider Pig (Boss Hogg & Babe Mclean and the Scratchings)
3, Sunshine (Malcolm Roberts)

1, Wizard (Chris Gibson)
2, Aquabat (Steve Warren-Smith and Stu Rix)
3, Lady Penelope (Malc Hutchings and Andy Ramsey)

1, Penny (Julian Money and Richard Pearson)
2, Polly (Nick Leach)
3, Danny (Roger Wickens)

1, Zinnia (John Scammell and Maxine Reeves)
2, Shearwater II (Russell Mead)
3, Christina (Gareth Penn)

X One Design
1, Lass (Andrew, Bullock, Lear, Tremlett)
2, Fury (J Owen)
3, Falconet (Peter Lawrence, Justin Smart, Patrick Smart)

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