Lendy Cowes Week - Day 3 Results

Competitors enjoyed a fabulous classic sea breeze day after a long postponement while race officials waited for the wind to arrive.

They were rewarded with a stable 10-15 knot south westerly breeze on another warm and almost cloudless day.

Full day 3 report available here

Full results available here. See below for Day 3 leaders . . .

IRC Class 0
1, Gladiator (Tony Langley)

IRC Class 4
1, Leon (David Franks)
2, Davanti Tyres (Chaz Ivill and Paul Heys)
3, Jellyfish (A Greene & B Huber)
4, Redshift Reloaded (Ed Fishwick)
5, Jos Of Hamble (Professor Roger Williams)

Cruiser (Div B)
1, Magus Tao (Bob Sharp)

Cruiser (Div C)
1, Star-Born 4 (Peter Dickson and Andrew Yates)
2, Haggis 2 (Andrew and Rebecca Buchanan)
3, Chatterbox (Simon & Julia Bowes)
4, Panda Of Hamble (Will Smyth)
5, Moonshot (Piers Fitzwilliams)

1, Blue Note (Stephen Hopson)
2, Mostly Harmless (Natalie Jobling)

1, Dauntless (Giles Peckham)
2, Audax (Roger Marwood, Helen BulbeckMos)
3, Finesse (Diana McNeill)
4, Destroyer (Joshua Peckham and Oliver Gordon)
5, Diamond (Mike Fox)

1, Bertie (Simon Barter)
2, Jerboa (Gavia Wilkinson-Cox)
3, Ecstatic (Eric Williams)
4, Christianna (Oliver Morgan)
5, Full Speed (Martin Payne)

1, Man'S Best Friend (Martin Hill and Andrew Palfrey)
2, Jolly Roger (Tom Abrey)
3, Ziggy (Andrew Wishart)
4, Desperate (Rob Tyrwhitt-Drake)
5, Stampede (Rob Goddard)

Fast 40+ (Race 5)
1, Ran (Niklas Zennstrom)
2, Girls On Film (Peter Morton)
3, Hitchhiker (Bas De Voogd)
4, Rebellion (Stewart Whitehead)
5, Pace (Niall and Olivia Dowling)

HP30 (Race 6)
1, Jo 90 (Richard Woof)
2, Toucan (Glyn Locke)
3, Pegasus Dekmarx (Malcolm Wootton, Moto Comp Ltd)
4, 4Sale (Hans Genthe)
5, Mittens Revenge (Mikhail Tokarczyk)

1, Betty (Jon Powell)
2, Checkmate (Ray Mitchell)
3, Mockingjay (Chris Body)
4, Jibba Jabba (Richard Puddifoot)
5, Jester (Mike Lewis)

1, Jack Rabbit (Caroline van Beelen ad Rutger Krijger)
2, Boo (Neil McGrigor)
3, Jukebox (John Smart)
4, Brown Teal (Clementi, Sheldon, Stanley, Walker)
5, Jiraffe (Simon Perry)

Quarter Ton (R5)
1, Aguila (Sam Laidlaw)
2, Bullet (Louise Morton)
3, Bullit (Julian Metherell)
4, Great Bear IV (Flemming, Manser & Welch)
5, Flashheart (Jeff Dakin)

1, J-Dream (David and Kirsty Apthorp)
2, Sunshine (Malcolm Roberts)
3, Spider Pig (Boss Hogg & Babe Mclean and the Scratchings)
4, Rum N Cork (Paul Lewis and Michael Livingstone)
5, Premier Cru (Tom Richardson)

1, Aquabat (Steve Warren-Smith and Stu Rix)
2, Helmut Shoing II (Nigel Grogan)
3, Spoof (Micky Wright)
4, Brimstone (Bryan Riley)
5, Squib (Dick Batt)

1, Danny (Roger Wickens)
2, Firefly (Stewart Reed)
3, Melody (John Tanner)

1, Zelia (Geoff and Sarah Dixon, David Price)
2, Shearwater II (Russell Mead)
3, Zinnia (John Scammell and Maxine Reeves)
4, Pelican (Hugh Pringle)
5, Ziva (Jim)

X One Design
1, Fury (J Owen)
2, Xl (Rory and Amanda Paton, Stuart Paton)
3, Clair De Lune (Max Crowe, Ollie Tait, Charlie Dodd)
4, Lass (Andrew, Bullock, Lear, Tremlett)
5, Gleam (James Meaning)

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