Lendy Cowes Week - Day 4 Dayboat Results

There was a short postponement when the wind went very soft after the Sunbeam start and boats failed to make ground against the tide.

When the breeze returned a whole host of boats sailed west, including Redwings, Mermaids, XODs, Flying 15s and Victorys, making a great sight.

Two former World Champions have been fighting it out at the front of the Flying 15 fleet all week.

Today the fleet was early at the start, with Rupert and John Mander's Men Behaving Badly forced into an early dip before gun, but several boats were premature and had to return.

This left Men Behaving Badly and Sam Chan's Freefire20 looking best placed, with the latter enjoying an advantage inshore and to windward, allowing him to hook into the south-westerly wind shifts marginally earlier.

However, Charles Apthorp's Fourwinds, sailing with his 16-year-old son Timothy, was ahead at the finish, with Mike Dixon's Fflashback third. The Manders and Apthorps are now tied on points, with two wins and two second places each.

Tuesday was also the final day of a short series for a number of classes that have been enjoyed two or three races per day over the first four days of Lendy Cowes Week.

Kate and John Greenland's JDog won the J/70 short series by a nine-point margin ahead of Clive Bush's Darcey, with Ali Hall's Sceptre taking third place.

John Pollard's Xcellent won all but one race in the SB20 Grand Slam to take a commanding victory. Charles Whelan's Breaking Bod was second and the Waha Waite McLean Youth Team's Spongbob third.

Sam Laidlaw's Quarter Tonner Aguila put in a similarly impressive performance, winning every race to finish the series 12 points ahead of Julian Metherell's Bullit. J Welch's Great Bear lV took third place.

Full day 4 report available here

Full results available here.

See dayboat below for Day 4 leaders . . .

1, Defender (Jeremy Preston and Robert Laird)
2, Dauntless (Giles Peckham)
3, Dolphin (David N Gower, Jamie B Clark, Peter Haworth, Gordon Tunghan-)

1, Ecstatic (Eric Williams)
2, Christianna (Oliver Morgan)
3, Full Speed (Martin Payne)

1, Man'S Best Friend (Martin Hill and Andrew Palfrey)
2, Desperate (Rob Tyrwhitt-Drake)
3, Jolly Roger (Tom Abrey)

Flying 15
1, Fourwinds (Charles and Timothy Apthorp)
2, Men Behaving Badly (Rupert Mander)
3, Fflashback (Mike Dixon)

HP30 (Race 7)
1, Pegasus Dekmarx (Malcolm Wootton, Moto Comp Ltd)
2, Toucan (Glyn Locke)
3, Pandemonium (Jamie Rankin)

HP30 (Race 8)
1, Jo 90 (Richard Woof)
2, Toucan (Glyn Locke)
3, Mofo (Joe Hall, Gavin Tappenden, Jon Rowe, Paddy James, Arthur Whi)

J/70 (Race 9)
1, Yeti (Jack Davies)
2, Sorcha J (Peter Harrison)
3, The Janitor (Marshall King)

J/70 (Race10)
1, Cosmic (Kris Thompson, Paul Chyz)
2, Polaris (Alexander James)

J/70 (Race11)
1, Eat, Sleep, J, Repeat (Paul Ward)
2, Darcey (Clive Bush)
3, Yeti (Jack Davies)

1, Mockingjay (Chris Body)
2, Betty (Jon Powell)
3, Checkmate (Ray Mitchell)

1, Jack Rabbit (Caroline van Beelen ad Rutger Krijger)
2, Jiraffe (Simon Perry)
3, Jumping Jellyfish (Christopher Sharples and Richard Acland)

1, Rosemary (Noel Dobbs)
2, Sheen (Ben Few-Brown)
3, Halluf (Hugo Mills)

Quarter Ton (R6)
1, Aguila (Sam Laidlaw)
2, Bullet (Louise Morton)
3, Bullit (Julian Metherell)

1, Harlequin (John Raymond & Matt Alexander)
2, Capella II (Hugo Cuddigan)
3, Siskin (Thomas Montagu Douglas Scott)

RS Elite
1, Riff Raff (Russell Peters)
2, The Doctor (Peter Copsey)
3, More T Vicar (Ossie Stewart)

SB20 (Race 9)
1, Xcellent (John Pollard)
2, Breaking Bod (Charles Whelan)
3, Spongbob (Waha Waite McLean Youth Team)

SB20 (Race 11)
1, Xcellent (John Pollard)
2, Breaking Bod (Charles Whelan)
3, Spongbob (Waha Waite McLean Youth Team)

Sigma 33
1, Stan The Boat (Toby Gorman)
2, Workout (Jeff Worboys)
3, Prospero Of Hamble (Allan Fraser)

1, Bertie (Alistair Barter)
2, Dolphin (Barry Byham)
3, Discovery (Georgina hill)

1, Spider Pig (Boss Hogg & Babe Mclean and the Scratchings)
2, Rum N Cork (Paul Lewis and Michael Livingstone)

1, Rico'Shea (Josh Metcalfe and Mark Hogan)
2, Helmut Shoing II (Nigel Grogan)
3, Squiggle (Jono Brown and Chris Dunn)

1, Firefly (Stewart Reed)
2, Danny (Roger Wickens)
3, Penny (Julian Money and Richard Pearson)

Sunsail Match F40
1, Tenzing (Tenzing)
2, Deloitte Green (Deloitte Green)
3, Investec (Investec)

1, Zinnia (John Scammell and Maxine Reeves)
2, Pelican (Hugh Pringle)
3, Shearwater II (Russell Mead)

X One Design
1, Lass (Andrew, Bullock, Lear, Tremlett)
2, Foxglove (Ashford, Palmer, Stupple)
3, Swallow (Simon Russell, Richard Faulkner, Darren Maple, Ben McGrane)

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