5.5 Metre World Championship - Day 2

Defending world champions, John B, BAH 22, posted a first and a second place to move to the top of the leaderboard

Gavin McKinney with Lars Horn-Johannessen and Mathias Dahlman, put on the best performance on the second day to take a two point lead.

Last week’s winner of the Scandinavian Gold Cup, Artemis XIV, NOR 57, of Kristian Nergaard, Kristoffer Spone and Trond Solli-Saether V (2,4) remain in second.

While Marie-Françoise XIX, SUI 218, of Jürg Menzi, Jurgen Eiermann and Bo Selko (7,1) climb to third after winning the second race of the day.

Race 2 of the series started with a painfully slow beat from the mainland towards East Cowes.

New Moon, BAH 21, of Mark Holowesko, Christoph Burger and Peter Vlasov (5,8) rounded first but missed the incoming change.

John B did not miss it and was first to gybe away to the west and the first to get the new breeze. They led at the gate and pulled away from the fleet for a huge win.

The battle behind was between Duchess of B, NED 31, of V Bredero, Weibe de Witteand Paul Verhaar (3,12) and Artemis XIV, who eventually took second place.

The breeze had increased for the second race but decision over the current was still causing a huge split in the fleet with boats almost taking in both corners at some stage, looking for any advantage.

After a slight mishap in the first race, Marie-Françoise XIX led round from Maitresse Gaat Vreemd, NED 35, of Piet van Opzeeland, Laurence Mead and Felix Trattner (10,3).

These two battled it out at the front over the race of the race, but a problem with halyards on Maitresse Gaat Vreemd let the Swiss boat escape, while John B played the opposite side of the course to come back strong and take second.

Racing continues on Wednesday with two more races scheduled from 11:00. The world championship consists of nine races, and end on Friday 24 August.

5.5 Metre World Championship - Leaders after 3 Races (25 entries)

1st BAH 22 JOHN B Gavin McKinney 3 1 2 - 6pts
2nd NOR 57 ARTEMIS XIV Kristian Nergaard 2 2 4 - 8pts
3rd SUI 228 MARIE-FRANÇOISE XIX Jürg Menzi 4 7 1 - 12pts
4th BAH 21 NEW MOON Mark Holowesko/Peter Vlasov 1 5 8 - 14pts
5th SUI 219 BLACK & WHITE Daniel Schenher 7 4 6 - 17pts
6th NED 35 MAITRESSE GAAT VREEMD Piet van Opzeeland 5 10 3 - 18pts
7th GER 79 PRETTYNAMA Max Muller 9 8 5 - 22pts
8th NED 31 DUCHESS OF B Victorine Bredero 10 3 12 - 25pts
9th SUI 214 CARACOLE Bernard Haissly 6 9 10 - 25pts
10th AUS 61 ALPHA CRUCIS Martin Cross 11 6 9 - 26pts

Results here (pdf)

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