F18 European Champions - Final day decisions

Iordanis Paschalidis and Konstatinos Trigonis are F18 European Champions

It went to the last race to be sailed, and International Jury decisions to be made, for the podium to be completed.

Throughout the championship competition has been tight and tense before Iordanis Paschalidis and Konstatinos Trigonis were crowned 2018 F18 European Champions, but their scoring was consistant, with a 5th place as a worst score.

With their nearest rivals dropping back on points in the final two races, a 4th place in Race 14 allowed them not to sail Race 15, the title already secured.

Second went to Australia's Brett Burvill and Max Puttman, and third place on the podium to Mitch and Ruben Booth.

Image - Marc Gonzalez

F18 European Championship - Final leaders (72 entries)

1st GRE 7 Iordanis PASCHALIDIS and Konstantinos TRIGONIS 40 pts
2nd AUS 525 Brett BURVILL and Max PUTTMAN 44 pts
3rd ESP 1 Mitch BOOTH and Ruben BOOTH 55 pts
4th BEL 33 Orion MARTIN and Charles GATÉ 76 pts
5th BEL 3 Henri DEMESMAEKER and Morgan WIRTZ 78 pts
6th BEL 1 Patrick DEMESMAEKER and Gilles TAS 80 pts
7th ITA 22 Lorenzo BIANCHINI 100 pts
8th ITA 969 Giovanni FANTASIA and Valentino RIGATTI 118 pts
9th ESP 11 Jordi BOOTH and Joan COSTA 125 pts
10th NED 77 Hans VAN DAM and Marius VAN DAM 128 pts
11th GBR 51 Simon NORTHROP nad Caleb COOPER 138 pts
12th NED 15 Ad NOORDZIJ and Maarten NOORDZIJ 166 pts
13th FRA 901 Emmanuel BOULOGNE and Mjean BOULOGNE 166 pts
14th BEL 111 Stef HAAZEN and Filip OLYSLAGER 168 pts
15th ITA 8 Cristian VETTORI and Maurizio STELLA 183 pts
16th ITA 23 Marco RADMAN and Alessandro CESARINI 197 pts
17th ITA 69 Elia MAZZUCCHI and Jacopo LISIGNOLI 235 pts
18th NED 432 Jacob DEN HOUTING and Dominique DEN HOUTING 278 pts
19th IRL 2014 Adrian ALLEN and Barry SWANSTON 296 pts
20th FRA 9 James BAECKLER and Lucas BONIFACE 306 pts

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