F18 World Championship - Day 4

Iordanis Paschalidis and Konstantinos Trigonis lead into the final day of the F18 World Championship Sarasota, USA.

The Greek team of Paschalidis and Trigonis added another race win to their scoreline on Thursday and now look set to take the F18 World Championship title.

They have a 15 point lead over Michael Easton and Tripp Burd of the USA with Hans and Marius Van Dam of the Netherlands in third place.

Paschalidis and Trigonis won the opening race ahead of the Van Dams, with Robbie Daniel and Gary Chu USA in third place.

In the second race Taylor Reiss and Matthew Whitehead USA took their first race win and move up to fourth overall.

In second place were Mitch and Ruben Booth ESP, who drop to sixth overall having to count a 15th from the first race of the day. Third were Hernan Salerno and Andres Grimaldi ARG.

2018 F18 World Championship after 8 races (81 entries)

1. GRE7, Iordanis Paschalidis/Konstantinos Trigonis, 24 pts
2. USA11, Michael Easton/Tripp Burd, 39 pts
3. NED77, Hans Van Dam/Marius Van Dam, 42 pts
4. USA850, Taylor Reiss/Matthew Whitehead, 47 pts
5. AUS526, Brett Burvill/Max Puttman, 58 pts
6. ESP1, Mitch Booth/Ruben Booth, 63 pts
7. USA17, Pete Melvin/Ferdinand Van West, 71 pts
8. ARG11, Cruz Gonzalez Smith/Mariano Heuser, 78 pts
9. FRA901, Emmanuel Boulogne/MARFAING MATTHIEU, 88.3 pts
10. USA1899, Charles Tomeo/Dalton Tebo, 90 pts
11. ARG7, Pablo Völker/Sergio Mehl, 92 pts
12. USA225, Robbie Daniel/Gary Chu, 99 pts
13. ARG66, Agustin Krevisky/Juan Martin Benitez, 109 pts
14. ARG6, Hernan Salerno/Andres Grimaldi, 112 pts
15. AUS 333, James Clark/Brett Goodall, 126 pts
16. USA37, Luke Ramsay/Sam Carter, 133 pts
17. USA2002, Mark Brunsvold/Matthew King, 134 pts
18. USA8, John Tomko/Jonathan Atwood, 160 pts
19. NED15, Ad Noordzij/Maarten Noordzij, 175 pts
20. NED007, Mischa Heemskerk/Stephan Dekker, 177 pts

Full results available here

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