Tony Bullimore dies aged 79

Round-the-World sailor and entrepreneur Tony Bullimore dies aged 79

The BBC report . . .

"He became a global star in 1997 after surviving four days in the upturned hull of his boat which capsized during a solo round the world race.

Mr Bullimore moved to Bristol in the early 1960s and married Lalel, a West Indian immigrant with whom he opened the Bamboo Club, which hosted Bob Marley.

He had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer."

On 5 January 1997, in the Southern Ocean, Bullimore's boat, Exide Challenger capsized and the Royal Australian Navy launched a rescue mission for Bullimore and another capsized competitor, Thierry Dubois.

Bullimore was alive and managed to survive in an air pocket in the upside-down boat in pitch darkness, having lost his food supplies, aside from a bar of chocolate.

On 9 January, fellow Vendée Globe competitor Thierry Dubois was rescued by an Australian S-70B-2 Seahawk helicopter embarked on the frigate HMAS Adelaide.

Adelaide then proceeded further south to where the Exide Challenger had been located by a RAAF P-3 Orion.

Adelaide dispatched a rigid-hulled inflatable boat to the Exide Challenger where crew members knocked on the hull.

Hearing the noise, Bullimore swam out from his boat and was quickly rescued by personnel from Adelaide.

HMAS Adelaide then returned both Dubois and Bullimore to Perth.

During the return journey, Bullimore met with each member of the boat's crew to thank them for saving his life.

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