Lendy Cowes Week - Day 4 Offshore Results

Tuesday was also Lendy Ladies Day, a celebration of the many successes of women in sailing.

Around 100 women helms were racing Tuesday.

Among them were class winners on board the S&S41 Winsome in IRC Class 5, the Mustang 30 GR8 Banter in IRC Class 7 and the X4.3 Baby X in Cruiser Division A.

In IRC Class 6 Amanda Marino's Half Tonner Chimp was defending the Royal Southern YC's Ariel trophy for the best placed woman helm.

However, a fourth place today saw her team fall just outside the podium this year.

Harry Heijst's S&S41 Winsome, which is helmed all week by Laura Dillon, won IRC Class 5, ahead of overall class leader, Phil Plumtree's Half Tonner Swuzzlebubble and Andy and Anne Howe's J/97 Blackjack ll.

It was a performance that earned Dillon the Ariel Trophy.

Full day 4 report available here

Full results available here.

See below for Day 4 leaders . . .

IRC Class 0
1, Tokoloshe II (Michael Bartholomew)
2, Gladiator (Tony Langley)
3, Lady Mariposa (Lady Mariposa Racing inc Igor Yakunin)

IRC Class 1
1, Eclectic (Colin Campbell)
2, Albator (Philippe Frantz)
3, Vencom (Johan A. Gustavsson)

IRC Class 2
1, Yes! (Adam Gosling)
2, Moana (Francois Goubau)
3, Nifty (Roger Bowden)

IRC Class 3
1, Incognito (Paul McNamara and Tony Lowe)
2, La Reponse (Andrew McIrvine)
3, Shadowfax (David Rolfe)

IRC Class 4
1, Redshift Reloaded (Ed Fishwick)
2, Leon (David Franks)
3, Davanti Tyres (Chaz Ivill and Paul Heys)

IRC Class 5
1, Winsome (Harry J. Heijst)
2, Swuzzlebubble (Phil Plumtree)
3, Xcitable (Peter and Sarah Hodgkinson)

IRC Class 6
1, Whooper (Giovanni Belgrano)
2, Stan The Boat (Toby Gorman)
3, Icom Cool Blue (Simon Cory)

IRC Class 7
1, Gr8 Banter (Handley James Families)
2, Ziggy (Kevin Downer, Josh Downer, Tim Eccles, Martin Young)
3, Mandarin (Paul Dunstan)

Contessa 32
1, Andaxi (Martin and Donna Rouse-Collen)
2, Drumbeat (Eldred Himsworth)
3, Mary Rose Tudor (Ed Bell)

Cruiser (Div A)
1, Baby X (Charles Esse)
2, Incisor (Derek Saunders)
3, Anticipation (Pete Newlands)

Cruiser (Div B)
1, Alcibiades III (Christopher Parker)
2, Zenith (David McDonald)
3, Magus Tao (Bob Sharp)

Cruiser (Div C)
1, Easy Glider (Olly Hughes)
2, Chatterbox (Simon & Julia Bowes)
3, Star-Born 4 (Peter Dickson and Andrew Yates)

1, Blue Note (Stephen Hopson)
2, Mostly Harmless (Natalie Jobling)
3, Alamara IV (Ole Bettum)

Fast 40+ (Race 6)
1, Rebellion (Stewart Whitehead)
2, Hitchhiker (Bas De Voogd)
3, Ran (Niklas Zennstrom)

Fast 40+ (Race 7)
1, Ran (Niklas Zennstrom)
2, Hitchhiker (Bas De Voogd)
3, Pace (Niall and Olivia Dowling)

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