Susie Goodal - Rescue ship TIAN FU has Arrived

Susie Goodal Update - Rescue ship TIAN FU has arrived ahead of schedule. And she now has visual contact.

Susie has had 12 hrs in her bunk and been able to keep some water down.

It is about 1 hr from daylight. Susie now preparing for CRANE LIFT from Deck of DHL STARLIGHT.

ENGINE TEST FAILED. Stopped after about 20 minutes. Susie Goodall Racing is trying to solve the problem.

The operation is simpler with the engine going as SUSIE can motor up to the hanging hook from the ship, then connect and away.

Without the engine DHL STARLIGHT must drift at about 1 knot with the sea anchor and the MASTER of the ship will need to maneuver the 40,000 Tonne ship to meet SUSIE!

More news as received.

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