Nacra 17 Europeans - Difficult day!

The Nacra 17 qualifying fleets suffered the worst with multiple recalls and race abandonments

Racing was canned for the foiling catamarans after scoring just one race in both qualifying fleets.

The Top 27 teams in the Nacra now split off to sail in Gold Fleet Wednesday.

The report and the results did not seem to know who that 27 might be, so will update when they sort it out.

The race officer thinks the sailors are going to have to get used to this wind (or lack of) for the rest of the regatta!

Nacra 17 Mixed - European Championship after Day 3 (53 entries)
Full results not available when posted.

1st NZL Gemma Jones, Jason Saunders 8 pts
2nd GBR Ben Saxton, Nikki Bonniface 12 pts
3rd ESP Fernando Echavarri, Tara Pacheco 14 pts
4th ITA Ruggero Tita, Caterina Banti 14 pts
5th USA Riley Gibbs, Louisa Chafee 23 pts

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