RS:X Windsurfing European Championships

On Sunday, 19 August, the RS:X European Championships will commence in Sopot, Poland.

There is an entry of over 220 competitors from 29 nations.

Britain has a 24 strong entry listed in the four catagories, men, women, youth and senior, although some may withdraw to concentrate on the first event of the 2019 World Cup Series in Japan, starting 9 September.

The Sunday and Monday in Sopot are reserved for registration, equipment inspection and training sessions. The opening ceremony is scheduled for Monday at 18:00.

The first races will take place on Tuesday, 21 August and the regatta will last until Saturday 25 August.

GBR listed entries include:

GBR 0 Kate Hatcher
GBR 193 Jude Nicol
GBR 207 Lucy Evans
GBR 303 Mollie Densley Robins
GBR 31 Josephine Spencer
GBR 358 Lily Young
GBR 400 Alysia Gibson
GBR 529 Islay Watson
GBR 667 Jennie Roberts
GBR 7 Emma Wilson

GBR 141 Ben McCann
GBR 19 Finn Hawkins
GBR 2 Tom Squires
GBR 301 isaac Lines
GBR 3127 Sam Williams
GBR 317 Ethan Moody
GBR 333 Tom Cunningham
GBR 360 Andy Brown
GBR 393 Josh Carey
GBR 6 Daniel Wilson
GBR 60 Sam Sills
GBR 64 Jack Jones
GBR 847 Jonathan Ashworth
GBR 983 Mathew Barton

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