World Sailing issues apology

Tweet by British sailor sparks World Sailing to issue apology and express disappointment . . .

insidethegames.biz reported that World Sailing had issued an apology and expressed its disappointment after the Opening Ceremony for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 test event was held at a dolphin aquarium and featured a show using the aquatic mammals.

The statement said it had not approved the display and no permission had been sought by the Organising Committee for the competition in Enoshima.

Japan's sailing federation also offered an apology, according to local media.

Luke Patience, competing in the British men's 470, had sent Tweets from the Opening Ceremony in Enoshima, where a World Cup event is taking place for the Olympic classes at the Tokyo 2020 Games sailing venue.

He later posted an apology for his language in the Tweets:

"Apologies for the language, and any offence I caused last night. I was shocked when world sailing took us to a dolphin aquarium for an opening ceremony. As a sport, I hope we can show more morality than this"

It was just the start of his problems, on the first day of racing his boat was penalised for an underweight mast in the first two races.

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