World Cup Japan - Day 2

After yesterday's upsets both on and off the water GBR take lead in the Finn, 49er, Laser and Radial

Day 2 of the World Cup in Enoshima, Japan, was a more regular day at the office for the British Sailing Team after Tuesday's penalties, injury setbacks and social media wrangles.

Giles Scott just keeps his lead in the Finn event, James Peters and Flynn Sterritt take over the lead of the 49er, Elliot Hanson leads the Laser and Alison Young is the surprise leader in the women's Radial.

Giles Scott (2,6) keeps his lead in the Finn event, but tied on nine points with Jorge Zarif (3,1) with Josh Junior (8,3) in third.

Holland's Nicholas Heiner (1,8) recovered from his DPI penalties (boat underweight) to take fourth with Ed Wright (4,9) in fifth.


New leaders in the men's 49er are James Peters and Flynn Sterritt (1,7,8), two points ahead of Dylan Fletcher and Stuart Bithell (23,2,13). In third place are Logan Beck and Oscar Gunn (8,6,9) of New Zealand.

In the women's Radial, Alison Young (2,4) hit the front, one point ahead of Marit Bouwmeester (4,5) with Josefin Olsson (10,2) third tied with Canada's Sarah Douglas (1,14) in fourth. The other race winner was Maria Erdi (32,1) of Hungary.

Britain's Elliot Hanson (14,1) takes the lead in the men's Laser, with Michael Beckett (18,9) now second and Aussie Matthew Wearn (25,4) third. Tonci Stipanovic (15,1) won the first race. Nick Thompson (33,5) is in ninth place.

In the women's RS:X Britain's Emma Wilson (1,9,3) moves into third place behind China's Yunxiu Lu (17,1,2) and Peina Chen (3,8,4). Bryony Shaw (4,BFD,5) is in fifth tied with Katy Spychakov (2,4,7).

Also some better news in the Men's RSX, where Kieran Holmes-Martin (5,1,5) fights back to place 11th. New Leader is Kiran Badloe (2,4,11) of Holland with second Mattia Camboni (34,10,7).

Afrodite Zegers and Anneloes van Veen (6,2) of Holland take the lead in the women's 470 while Hannah Mills and Eilidh McIntyre (13,15) drop back to tenth.

Alison Young leads Radial

In the women's 49erFX, Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze (1,1,13) of Brazil take a 12 point lead, second are Alexandra Maloney and Molly Meech (2,4,12) with Charlotte Dobson and Saskia Tidey (4,5,18) gaining a place to take third.

Sophie Weguelin and Sophie Ainsworth (9,7,14) are in ninth place after six races.

John Gimson and Anna Burnet (4,10,5) move to sixth overall in the Nacra 17. Leaders are Italy's Ruggero Tita and Caterina Banti (1,1,12) now 11 points ahead of their countryman, Vittorio Bissaro and Maelle Frascari (2,7,3). In third are the Kiwi pair Gemma Jones and Jason Saunders (5,3,2).

In the men's 470 Keiju Okada and Jumpei Hokazono (1,2) extend their lead to four points ahead of Mathew Belcher and William Ryan (5,1).

Luke Patience and Chris Grube (26,6) are now 18th after discarding one of their DPI penalties (mast underweight), one place ahead of Martin Wrigley and James Taylor.

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